Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vegetable Sandwich

Veg Sandwich its a very easy and simple dish. I am posting this for the sake of my friends who stay in PG and want some Quick & interesting breakfast rather than starving with just a glass of milk as breakfast

Ingredients ::
White / Brown bread - 6 Slices
Onion - 2
Tomato - 2
Cooked Potatoes - 2 (Optional)
Cheese - 2
Cucumber - 1
Tomato sauce / Ketchup - 3 spoons
Salt & Pepper - as required

To grind together :: (This can be ground and kept in the fridge for more than a week)
Green Chilly - 2
Coriander - a small bunch
Pudina - 1 small bunch (optional)
Salt - as required.

Preparation ::

First grind the above ingredients to a smooth paste as shown in the picture and store in the fridge to use as and when required. It should be of paste consistency as shown below

Next Cut off the brown edges of the bread and apply sauce in one slice & the coriander paste in the other as shown in the below picture. The center one in the picture is the cheese slice.

Now arrange some vegetables one by one in the preferred order over one slice which has sauce and cover with the other slice which has chutney and add more vegetables on top and cover the sandwich with a cheese slice and a bread slice on top. Add salt and pepper on top of vegetables before covering with bread.

Sandwich is ready to be served with Tomato Sauce / ketchup.

This can be had as it is or grilled in a sandwich toaster. Tastes good bothways.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Varusha pirappu / Tamil New Year Specials

Tamil New year which generally falls on April 14th is considered as the new year for tamilians. This is the first month in tamil calender - Chithirai. As in all festivals the speciality is cooking. A variety of dishes are prepared on this day and some dishes are specific for this day only.

This day's specialities include a spicy dish, Tangy dish, Bitter dish, sweet dish along with regular festival specials. Its basically on the principle that joy and sorrow in life to be treated with equanimity.

Every Festival we have the custom on serving food on Banana Leaf (in specified order only) and eating with Family.

This Year due to some reason i did the entire cooking for the new year. The items that i made on that day were
1. Panakam (Jaggery drink)
2. Neer More (Spiced Butter milk)
3. Paruppu Kosmalli (Soaked moong dal with raw Mango, cucumber, carrot etc)
4. Manga pachadi (A tangy sweet dish made with Raw Mango &; Jaggery)
5. Vepamboo Pachadi (a little bitter dish made of dry neem flower & jaggery)
6. Vendakkai More Kozhambu (A curry made of curd , coconut & green chillies)
7. Tomato Rasam
8. Cucumber Pachadi (Cucumber & curd)
9. Paruppu Paayasam (a sweet dish with moong Dal , Chana Dal & Jaggery)
10. Paruppu Vadai
11. Kadala Maa Poli (a sweet preparation with Maida , besan flour, Jaggery & coconut)
12. Beans Kari (cooked & fried beans)
13. Vaazhakkai Kari (deep fried raw banana)
14. Rice & Dal

Will Give a seperate write up on how to prepare some of the special items in a different post. Some pictures of my preparation on that day...

Panakam & Neer More
Vepamboo Pachadi

Manga Pachadi

Paruppu Vadai

Thengai Poli
More Kozhambu
Items Served in Banana Leaf