Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cabbage Parruppu Usili

Cabbage Parrupu Usili
Paruppu Usili is a dish made of Toor Dal & some selected Vegetables. Paruppu usili along with More Kozhambu (A spicy curry made of Curd) is a very good combination and is a prominent dish in most south Indian occasions.

My Grand mother makes it very yummy and I love it with rice and rasam and so that’s one dish which they definitely do for me every time I visit my house in Chennai. But I have never tried it myself as I thought it could be a tough process.

One day my friend ‘R’ taught me an easy way to prepare this using Microwave for cooking Dal. Tried it last week with Cabbage (as it is my favourite vege for paruppu usili) and it was a super hit!!

Ingredients :

Cabbage - ¼ KG
Toor Dal - 1 Cup
Channa Dal - ¼ Cup
Red Chillies - 3
Mustard - ½ spoon
Asafoetida - little
Salt / Oil - as required


Soak Toor Dal & Channa Dal in water for 1 – 2 hours. Grind together with Red chillies & a pinch of asafoetida and little salt.

Cook the cabbage in a frying pan with just salt. Remove from the pan and keep this aside.

In a microwave safe bowl apply some sunflower oil and add the ground paste and microwave on high for 4 – 5 minutes. The batter would be very hard after cooking in microwave. Allow it to cool and just give a round in a mixer grinder. Do not overdo but grind very coarsely only. Do not add water. This has to be dry.

In the same frying pan add oil, 1 red chilly and mustard seeds and let it splutter. Then add the dry ground dal and fry for few minutes. Then add the cooked vegetable and fry for 4 – 5 minutes until all ingredients are well blended.

Paruppu usili is ready to be served with rice and more kozhambu or with rasam.

Alternatively this can be made with one of the below vegetables also
1. Onion
2. Banana Flower
3. Beans
4. Cluster Beans (kothavarangai)

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