Monday, December 20, 2010

Tips for Healthy & Safe cooking

I have learnt from my MIL some tips related to cooking which i wish to share here. I am sure you must be aware of most of these tips. But beginners in cooking may find this useful. You may also provide some tips which you know which we can make use of.

1. When cooking rice in pressure cooker, put a piece of lime or tamarind in the bottom of the cooker where you add water. This will help is removing stains in the bottom of the pressure cooker.

2. When u feel you have added more salt in any dish, just boil some potatoes and add to it or fry tomato seperately and add to it. This will absorb the excess salt in the food to some extent.

3. To avoid bitterness in Bitter guord(paagarkaai), take some tamarind water and wash the cut vegetable in this water and sqeeze out the tamarind water once or twice. The bitterness also disapprears along with the excess water.

4. When cooking noodles or Pasta always add one drop of oil to it and cook. Also it is better to cook it 3/4th and then showing under running cold water. This will help noodles from sticking and will not be over cooked or mashed when eating.

5. If you have a microwave, you can always cook vegetables in microwave for 5-7 minutes (depending on the vegetable) and then just add oil and fry it in the flame for 5-10 minutes. This will save a lot of time and will also retain the color of the vegetables.

6. To retain color of the vegetable in any dry subzi or salad, add few drops of venegar. This should not be done frequently as it is not very good for health.

7. When making salad or raitha with cucumber, always add salt at the end. Otherwise cucumber will leave out water and make the dish look more watery.

8. To peel the skin of almonds quickly, microwave them for 2 minutes and then peel. It comes out v easily.

9. If you want to grind poppy seeds (khus khus) in a mixie along with some other ingredient, soak the poppy seeds in water for 10minutes before grinding. This will help in grinding the poppy seeds to a smooth paste.

10. For south Indian sambar, koottu etc, add one spoon of rice flour mixed well in water. This helps the dish to get a good blend. You may add more if you feel the dish has to thicken.

11. When adding jeera to rasam, do not boil rasam for a very long time after adding jeera. It gives a medicine smell to the dish if cooked for a long time. So add jeera at the end.

12. To increase the taste of rasam, always add half a spoon of jeera & pepper powder just 5 minutes before putting the flame off. You may keep this jeera & pepper powder handy and use it everytime you make rasam. Truly enhances the taste.

13. To get tamarind water from tamarind easily, keep the tamarind along with water in microwave for 2 minutes. It can be sqeezed out easily.

14. To make aloo Parata quickly, make 2 -3 holes in the potatoes with a toothpick or pin and keep the potatoes in microwave for 4 - 5 minutes. You can now easily mash it and make aaloo paratta quickly.


Ramya said...

Well done Rans :) 3 and 6 are very handy and will sure be useful. My hubby loves karela but me not much cos of the bitter taste. No 1 my mom always use to do that but over the period of time I completely forgot about that. Thanks for reminding :)

R A said...

Thanks Ramya...even i dont like karela much..but if that bitterness is removed and its deep fried in oil, i like it a lot...